What is X-WAN?

       How can SD-WAN bring real value to the enterprise? If you just expand more WAN ports and rich management functions on traditional routers, obviously it cannot really meet the needs of enterprises for fast mobile interconnection, improving service operation quality and saving network operation costs. , End-to-end link availability management, full-service transparent support for VPN and other core features can only meet the needs of real mobile Internet services after revolutionary evolution. X-WAN realizes the core technology of multi-network path fusion at the IP layer, adopts real-time end-to-end link transmission buffer management and control, and combines multiple priorities and routing strategies to cross-combine strategies, which can provide mobile HD live broadcast, distributed cloud computing, CDN , blockchain, enterprise wide-area interconnection and other scenarios to provide the best network service experience, creating greater business value and profits for enterprises. download X-WAN‍ document

X-WAN product series